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Florida Statutes 2022

Milestone Structural Inspection

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Engineering Inspections and Restoration Services was founded to prevent another tragedy from happening. On a night in the summer months of 2021, 98 people went to bed and did not get to wake up the next morning after their condominium collapsed. Shortly after, the State of Florida put in new laws requiring milestone inspections and structural integrity reserve studies to be done at all condominiums.

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Florida's Latest Condominium Legislation:

New Requirements for Preventative Maintenance Is Set To Affect Condominiums Across The State

After the tragic event involving the Surfside Condominium building collapsing, Florida legislators rapidly passed a law that alters particular rights and certain duties of condominium associations located throughout the State of Florida.

Inside this new law, there are promotions of several different policies. The main policy has everything to do with preventative maintenance, inspections, and maintaining the association's reserve funds


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At Engineering Inspections & Restoration Services, we hold a General Contractor License & an Architect license all in the State of Florida.

Tom Crosier

Managing Partner / CEO
Certified General Contractor
State of Florida DBPR
CGC# 1534479

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Managing Partner / President

Peter Brownrigg, AIA

Licensed Architect

License #: AR96038

Lauren Niedergang

Office Manager

Vanna Blankenship

Executive Assistant

Vanessa Crawford

Reserve Analyst

James Kass

Certified General Contractor
Certified Roofing Contractor

Mike Johnson

Project Manager

Tim Reed

Project Manager

Steffanie Spracklen

Project Coordinator

Bruce Nichols

Project Manager

Mike Reed

Project Manager

Gary Green


Cole Crosier

Reserve Analyst

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The Options for Actions on These Matters Are Limited

As a result of this immediate action, there are very few companies who will be able to perform these inspections within this timeframe. We have the resources and what is needed for you to be in compliance. With the anticipation of such a heavy case load as December 2024 nears, it's important to plan ahead to be in compliance before the deadline.

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Milestone Inspection FAQs

A “milestone inspection”, as defined, is a structural inspection of a building - including its load-bearing walls and primary structural systems - by a licensed architect or engineer. The purpose is to confrm the life safety and adequacy of the building's structural components and to determine its general structural conditon as it affects building safety. A milestone inspection should include, to the extent reasonably possible, a determinaton of any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement of any structural component of the building.
The Florida legislature requires notification of the number of buildings 3-stories or higher, the number of units per building, the address of each, and the County they are located in. This must be sent to the Department of Business and Professional Regulaton (DBPR). The DBPR will send you a letter that you must be inspected, and you will have 180 days from the date of notification to have a milestone inspection completed.

What can
do for your
condominium association?

We are here to assist you through this process so that you are in compliance, with minimal effort on your part. We have a Licensed Architect on staff, as well as two General Contractor Licenses.


The First Inspection - We take the initial visual inspection, with photos and reports, so that you are in compliance after the State of Florida DBPR receives the report. We schedule each visit THROUGH the Association Manager or designated Board member. There is no need for a Management Company to hire additional staff, as we will schedule a time with each homeowner to enter their unit and provide the Milestone inspection.


We will not enter a unit without a unit Owner, Manager, Maintenance Person, or a security firm provided by the associaton to accompany our staff. This is protection not only for you but us as well.


Our licensed architect is authorized to practice in this state for the purposes of the life safety and adequacy of the structural components of the building. However, this is only pertinent to Phase 1 to put you in “immediate compliance” as defined by the State of Florida.


Having determined the general structural condition of the building as it affects the safety of such building, we will provide to each board and their management associaton a comprehensive report as to the structural integrity and the safety of the building in Phase 1.


We will also provide the structural reserve study required as part of the MILESTONE INSPECTION. As per Florida Statute, the Reserve Study is required to be done by a Licensed Architect or Engineer. This is a change to the "normal" practices of the past but is now Florida Law requirement. With Phase #1 we provide this documentation so that you are in compliance.


In the event that structural problems are detected, we will provide a Phase 2 inspection. This may include electronic or destructive evaluaton, which may require restoration. We will at that point provide qualifed construction companies to repair and restore the defects. A FINAL INSPECTION OF THE BUILDINGS WILL BE PROVIDED.

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